My counseling process

The Initial Meeting

This includes an exploration of the issues that brought you here and it sets the foundation for future communication and the overall counseling/therapeutic process. It is an opportunity to build rapport and trust.

Commitment to Action

Patterns of behavior or elements that you would like to change become commitments to work on. It’s an opportunity to design your new life and/or new identity based on your own patterns and unique situation. You will learn to challenge your thoughts in a constructive way and develop healthy coping skills in order to manage symptoms.


Pricing per session

Invest in your mental well-being with tailored price plans for every journey.


per hour

Initial Session

This introductory session provides an accessible entry point for those ready to embark on a personalized road to mental well-being.

Comprehensive Assessment

Tailored Treatment Plan

Accessible Entry Point

Holistic Wellbeing

per hour

Elevate your workplace performance with our coaching session, offering personalized guidance, goal-oriented strategies, and regular progress check-ins to empower you on the path to lasting transformation.

per 45-50 minutes

Continue your progress with our Follow-Up Session, where we’ll refine strategies, assess your growth, and provide ongoing support for your mental well-being.

Progress Evaluation

Continued Support

Refinement of Strategies

Busy life?

Frequently Asked

Common questions

Got a question? We’ve got you covered! Check out the resources below and be sure to let us know if we can answer anything else.

What should I expect during my first session?

This is an exploration session that includes questions about your life, medical and mental health and significant life events in order to gain a better understanding of your current situation. You will be exposed to learning applicable and practical skills related to emotional regulation, problem solving, communication, boundaries-setting, self-awareness, motivation and will gain new insights to move forward.

How long will I need to be in therapy?

Your treatment is based on the assessment data gathered at intake including your unique needs, desires/goals for treatment and progress. The timeframe varies from individual to individual. Some individuals are able to meet their treatment goals in 3-6 months and other preferred long term sessions. Overall, the treatment is truly an individualized approach based on each individual’s unique situation.

What if I can’t afford your rate? Do you offer a sliding fee scale?

Yes, I have a small number of sliding scale spots in my schedule. If you think, you cannot afford my full fee, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Can you provide services to clients anywhere in the country?

No, licensed clinicians can only service clients in the states they are licensed. I am licensed to work with Texas residents only.